About Us

Our Pride Insurance is an Independent Brokerage. What that means is we can shop your rates and find the BEST VALUE for you, our client. Better yet, we shop those rates each and every year to ensure you have the best rate and coverage for all your insurance needs.

We have been doing this for our clients for in excess of 22 years with a collective experience totaling 65 years plus. Whether you prefer in person service in our offices or doing business online, we can help.

As Part of OUR PRIDE We Protect Your Future By Looking Backwards

We ask these questions of you to better Protect You:

If I had only known….
Then I would have….

I or my spouse was going to die
□ bought more life insurance

I was going to need more $ at retirement
□ saved more money

I could have saved $ on my auto and home owners insurance
□ shopped it and saved that difference

Taxes were going to be higher at retirement
□ saved my money in tax free accounts

I was going to be disabled
□ added income protection to my policy

College was going to be so expensive
□ added free tuition credits to my accounts

I was going to lose my money in the market
□ placed it where it could not lose interest

Which of these would you like to look back in 15-30 years and say, “I am glad I did that!”